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Comprehensive programs designed to take your sales to the next level
and change your outcomes. Different is the new great.

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A.I.M. Power Prospecting

The Prospecting A.I.M. program is your opportunity to have all the wisdom afforded to the world’s top Fortune 500 sales teams. For over a decade Willpower Harris has trained sales teams how to prospect and be their unique self.

Get the The #1 Social Selling Program

Social Selling

If you have not been generating leads from your current social media campaign, or if your social media strategy isn't working (or doesn't exist!) the Willpower Social Selling Program can show you how to use it as a sales generator!

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At the heart of the WillPower system is our focus on making sure we help you stay securely grounded in our AIM process. AIM stands for Awareness, Impact, and Mastery. I have applied this three step process to different audiences all over the world. Each time I received the same positive outcome . . . significant life changes.

Get the Willpower Harris Manager's Toolbox!

Manager's Toolbox

The Willpower Harris Manager Toolbox is a collection of Leader’s Guides built specifically for frontline Sales Managers to use in leading training reinforcement sessions with their teams.

Get the best selling book Power Prospecting!
The PDF Version and the Audio Book!

Power Prospecting Audio Book & PDF Version

Different is the new great - the subtitle captures the essence of the power of prospecting. You must be different to be great at prospecting. Every day decision makers are approached in the same way by multiple people. This book shows how anyone can gain the knowledge to be best at prospecting. You learn how to capture the attention of your target market and convert them to customers. You may think cold calling sucks, but tap into your original self and prospective customers will not think you suck. Power Prospecting uses simple but powerful techniques to view cold calling and prospecting in a different way...an exciting way!

You also get the #1 best selling book Willpower Now.
The PDF Version and the Audio Book!

Willpower Now Audio Book & PDF Version

Whether you think mainly in principles or techniques, WillPower Now is the rare book delivering both that helps you navigate through the obstacle courses of life. In this inspiring book, Will Harris delivers on his opening promise of helping you live powerfully at home, work, and the bank. You will have many "aha" moments as you discover how to increase your happiness at home (your personal life), your success at work (your career), and your value at the bank (your financial goals). Listen to stories about people like you, who applied these amazing principles, and learn to increase your destiny, determination and drive.

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